Advice for users of obsolete software (MS IE8 and older)

The software you are using is now too old to provide the security required by today's modern internet, so it's time to upgrade to a new browser.

From December 2017, this browser has been disabled and you will not be able to login and use any 'Crown Audit' secure website. You must take action now to fix this!

Upgrading your browser software is a usually a free and easy process! The first step is to contact your IT support service (if you have one) and ask about doing this. You should explain to them that the upgrade is necessary to improve security and needs to be done as soon as possible. They may make a small charge for their service, but it is usually free or very low cost. They will usually recommend a browser or give you an option to choose. If you don't have some form of IT support and you have control over your browser, you may be able to upgrade it yourself.

You should choose a modern browser updated within the last year. The browser should be 'standards compliant', has support for the latest security protocol 'TLS 1.2' enabled - almost all popular current browsers are suitable.

Usually, during the upgrade, older settings, preferences and bookmarks will be copied over to the new system. After completing the upgrade, you should be able to connect to all your websites without difficulty.

Help: If you cannot connect to our 'Crown' systems, then, check out our troubleshooting guide below. If you have any difficulty upgrading, in the first instance, you should contact your IT or computer support team and ask them to check your system is configured properly. The audit support team are unable to help with specific upgrade advice but can provide general support where needed.